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Date:    1st April 2021
Organisation:    Bromley Homeless
Contact:    Lolly Bell
Telephone:    07399 861218
Subject:    Joining forces to help Bromley's homeless people...

After working closely together over several years, two local Christian-inspired charities Bromley Churches Housing Action (LATCH) and the Bromley Homeless Shelter have decided to join forces to help homeless people in Bromley. The charities will merge operationally on 1st April 2021, combining to work under the new name Bromley Homeless.

The new merged charity will operate under the legal structure of Bromley Churches Housing Action (LATCH) with Registered Charity Number 1186655
and the legal structure of the Bromley Homeless Shelter (Registered Charity Number 1163353) will be dissolved. All funds will be transferred to the merged charity (subject to Charity Commission approval).

Working together, Bromley Homeless will continue to operate (coronavirus permitting):

●    A year-round advice service for rough sleepers, vulnerably housed and others in need of housing support;

●    A winter night shelter;

●    Finding homes with host families;

●    Giving talks in schools, colleges and other organisations to help prevent homelessness and raise awareness of homelessness issues;

●    Supporting recently homeless people as they adjust to new accommodation; and

●    Working collaboratively with other agencies to offer medical, mental health and other support.