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The worlds largest (and ONLY) alphabetical guide to the Internet. TheAlphaWeb is an alternative to the white box, an easy to use guide to learn knowledge from the Internet.

Please start by looking carefully at the learning page, then start matching thoughts to words.

How it Works

The red alphabet is the start of any search in TheAlphaWeb A to Z system. Wherever you see the red logo you can tap it to bring you back to the red A to Z page.

Think of keywords associated with your thought, & tap the letter associated with the keyword of the subject matter or topic of your search,


Tapping on any of these letters brings you to a second letter choice. Tap again on the two-letter choice associated with the subject matter or topic of your search. Scroll to the subject matter or topic of your search. You will find multiple links associated with your subject matter. The key to the link meanings are listed in the next column.






 Curlie @ I............... Editied by Editors  

As from 17th March 2017
 DMOZ.org  is no longer hosted. This huge resource was compiled by nearly 100,000 editors over 20 years. TheAlphaWeb.com pays tribute to DMOZ by converting all classifications that were listed in the directory and repointing to  Curlie @ I so still allowing a real alternative to the white box search, we hope  Curlie @ I enjoys being woven into  TheAlphaWeb. Please note there is a small anomaly where some searches that were originally in  DMOZ.org  cannot as yet be transferred and replicated in  Curlie @ . All directory listed elements will have been translated from  DMOZ.org  to  Curlie @ . To read about how Curlie evolved and its history please  Curlie @ history  


Read more at the bottom of this page.

 Curlie @ ........... Editied by Editors

  British Pathe  
  Countries by Continent  
  Crash Course I

  Curlie @ I
  DON'T PANIC!   +   +  *
 Digital Public Libraries   +   +  

  dp.la  +

  Europeana  +
  Global Memory Net.org  

  Internet Detective  
Khan Academy.org  +  +  

  Learning Resources  

  Massive Online... 

  Open Library  

  OurInternet.org  +
  Pathe, British  

  School Learning Resources  

 Shared Thoughts  

 SKY  NEWS   +  

  Story Line Online  


 The Learning Charity.com  



 Some items  might  catch your eye  & it may be worth investigating just to see what is there.




Some examples are included on the "Learning Page", where you can see them & understand how the different  color  / colours, italics & bold  text   work .





TheAlphaWeb two-letter pages are broken into two parts.




Look on the "Learning Page" to see some primary links in a widescreen format or scroll down to see them in list form.


 Academia  +  +  




 Arts  +  +   +  




 BBC Education  



 bubl.ac.uk  *

 bubl.ac.uk  INTERNET ARCHIVE  



 Business  +  +  


 Children  +  +  

 Children IPL2  

 Cities  +  +  


 Countries  +  +  

 Curlie @ I........... Editied by Editors  

 Digital Public Libraries   +   +  


 DON'T PANIC!   +   +  

 dp.la  +


Earthquakes +



 Education  +  +  



 Entertainment  +  +  

 Europeana  +



 Geography  +  +  

 Global Memory Net.org  


 Governments  +  +  

 Heads of State  



 History  +  +   +   +  


 Hobbies  +  +  

 Homework  +  +  


 Industry  +  +  


 Internet Detective  

 Internet for Children IPL2  

 Investment  +  +  

 Jobs  +

 Kids  +

 Language  +  +   +   +  



 Law  +  +  



 Legal  +  +  

 Massive Online... 



 Math  +  +   +  


 Museums  +  +  

 My Hovercraft is Full  


 Newspapers  +  +  


 Open Library  

 Places  +  +  

 Political Resources.net  



 Politics  +  +  


 Radio  +  +  

 Radio by Country  



 Sciences  +  +  

 Search Engines  +  +  

 Sports  +  +  

 Story Line Online  


 Telephone Directory  +  +  

 Television Stations  +  +  

 The Learning Charity

 Things by Country   +  

 Towns  +  +  

United Nations

 United Nations  +  +  


 Villages  +  +  

 Villages by Country  



 Yahoo! Directory  


 Youth  +  +   +  


 W H A T  W E  W A N T . O R G  

 WHEN SEND / Email The Future  

 Whois @  +


World Wide Web / WWW 


 bubl.ac.uk  links were maintained until 1st April 2011 & serve as a historical reference as to that date and links away from  bubl.ac.uk are care of The Internet Archive, at the  WAY BACK  MACHINE .

At the end of 2013 
 Yahoo.com  ceased to publish the   Yahoo! Directory , we keep it included in TheAlphaWeb frozen in time as it was, and how it is preserved in the Internet Archive

On the 25th June 2015 a  major consortium of universities  stopped updating the IPL 
 Internet for Children IPL2  (Internet Public Library), after 20 years not enough people found it and used it. It is preserved in TheAlphaWeb as of the 1st August 2015. 

On 17th March 2017 another milestone in the evolution of the Internet was achieved with the ending of 
 DMOZ.org  /  DMOZ.org , The largest Human Edited Directory woman/man has ever seen, 100,000 individual editors poored effort and kindness into maintaining a magnificent edifice of knowledge. It is important to remember that a young Google (Google Directory) used the DMOZ structure to populate its first steps into the World. TheAlphaWeb has adapted to this change by doing two things.

All  DMOZ.org  "Directory Classifications" entries have been changed into Curlie red "I Curlie @ I" entries. All  DMOZ.org  "Search" entries have been changed into Curlie red "I Google I" entries, although this is not the tidiest solution, it works. When this system was designed there was an assumption  DMOZ Classifications  was to big to go away!

As the curator and sole entity behind  TheAlphaWeb, I (MB) bow down to each editor of DMOZ and all persons involved in the developement, maintenance and presentation of the Open Directory Project, Also, as from 2018 now am pleased to be able bow down to
 Curlie @  and all that support it.

You can compare the similarities between the three major players at the beginning of the "Internet Age" / "Knowledge Age" here and compare them with TAW:

 DMOZ Directory  

 Google Directory  

 Yahoo! Directory  

 TheAlphaWeb   +  

There will be a day too that TAW is no longer maintained, it will be at this point it will join all the other entities that now make up the most amazing knowledge bank mankind has ever seen. 


 W  A  Y    B  A  C  K     M  A  C  H  I  N  E  

 bubl.ac.uk   DMOZ Classifications   IPL2 , &  Yahoo! Directory   in the INTERNET ARCHIVE  are a way to introduce the  INTERNET ARCHIVE  and the it better known name the  WAY  BACK MACHINE  this can be found at the bottom of every two-letter results page, allowing you to see websites dating back to 1996.  Click here  to view the first ever recording of the  Google's  front page & here for first recording of  TheAlphaWeb .