TheAlphaWeb is the most advanced purely alphabetical Internet information retrieval system in the world.




An alphabetical way to find knowledge by thinking of keywords associated with the original thought.




The Internet has become so complex it requires "organised browsing" to help find what is being sought. TheAlphaWeb provides a reimagined Internet, at the core of which is a simple alphabetical interface, requiring no typing to initiate a search. Removing the "typing process", allows concentration on the original thought, with the result, the User controls the process rather than abdicating in favour of a "white box" solution, which is subject to contamination by resellers & agents of aggregated data. And so, the rediscovery of instinctive thought processes begins.






The core data in TheAlphaWeb is broken down into four parts: subject, definition, cross-classification & promotion.


The system itself links to trillions of permutations & classifications of information, that in turn, link to information on just about anything that is good on the Internet (arguably, equal to Archive.org, Bing, Google & Yahoo!).


The system is designed to be used in all environments & great care has been taken to keep the system free from non family orientated data. This is not guaranteed & TheAlphaWeb can not & does not lay claim to the editorial integrity of any website, linked. However, TheAlphaWeb has tried to keep it suitable for a 12A+ audience. Like all Internet related systems good care & judgement should be exercised at all times.





TheAlphaWeb, which exists as a guide to the Internet. TheAlphaWeb is an example of a reimagined Internet.


The Internet is so complex that it needs to be organised logically, to prevent the User from becoming bogged down with "white box" query results which can overtax the limited human memory. The User can work smarter, when the Internet is delivered more concisely, consistently & objectively in the way TheAlphaWeb is presented, ensuring a results driven & time efficient experience every time, whether in discovery or rediscovery.