TheAlphaWeb Guide

A-Z Internet Guide



What is it?

TheAlphaWeb is an easy to use alphabetical guide to the Internet. MyAlphaWeb is part of the guide that is available as an iPad App browser, allowing users to save & store sites visited in a simple easy to use interface.

Press Release introduces a new app for iPad reimagining the Internet & promoting 'Touch Search' & 'Organised Browsing'. Based on the free Internet version, the app introduces extra functionality designed to promote the easy access & efficient retrieval of knowledge.


Reimagined, the Internet is presented in a friendly & familiar alphabetical system, much like any index. It’s A to Zedding of the Internet as never seen before.

Finding Information in just a few clicks. This experience is intended to be much like finding a name & number in a telephone directory for the iPad user.  “Initially, I set out to build a small system, satisfying my own personal day to day needs, to save & sort favourite resources into an orderly & retrievable format,” says Mike Bell, founder of, “but gradually it morphed into a systematic listing of all that is good in the Internet. This proves that you don’t need to re-invent the wheel to produce something which is aimed to be of great use & value to everyone.”


Bell’s quest to build on the concept of Navigational Search from days gone by, has culminated in a simple alphabetical guide to the Internet. He goes on to point out that despite the prevalence of the white box search, there will always be the need for a traditional approach to finding & storing internet data. Frequently, it’s not just about finding elements of information but being able to later retrieve them quickly & accurately. has been built & developed with broad appeal in mind to enhance the way individuals, families & businesses make use of the Internet. Bell further says, “I’m delighted the system is finally being rolled out, not only ‘keyboardless’ as I originally envisioned it, but with the onset of touch technology, ‘mouseless’ as well!”. TheAlphaWeb app is a synergy of old school indexing & new touch-search technology allowing the user to take ownership of the Internet with organised browsing.